Nov. 15th, 2030

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Threadhopping with this character?: Sure thing!

Backtagging with this character?: Yes please. Sometimes I can be a bit slow so I definitely can't hold anyone against back tagging.

Hugging this character?: Aha. Hugs are completely okay. Reactions may vary.

Giving this character a kiss?: ^ ^ ^

Relationships: It could happen. If something develops, can't stop it.

Punching this character: Sure, if you wanna get hit back.

Injury: Yeah, your character can injure mine. Don't expect to not get injured in return though.

Death: I would prefer to avoid it.

Axel's abilities don't directly affect another characters own ability to control themselves or any way take power away from the player of the character. The most he can do it cause physical harm or healing really.

If you have any questions about Axel, his abilities, what is okay and what isn't, or just want to plot something with me, feel free to contact me. It'd be easiest to reach me via Plurk (username is empi_reofdirt) or PM his account, but I also have an AIM (username is lettisheridan)
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Constructive critism on how I play Axel? Something you really love about how I play him? Questions, comments, or other concerns? Just hit me up and let me know. You can either post here or contact me any of the following ways.

reach me via Plurk (username is empi_reofdirt) or PM this account, but I also have an AIM (username is lettisheridan)


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